Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I was prepared to endure the battle of the lines as I was expecting long queues for the renewal of my passport at the DFA. Last Tuesday, I waited for more than an hour just to get my appointment number in a cramped basketball court in Pasay, more popularly known as the DFA here in Manila. People literally zigzagged the court as the lines grew longer by each passing minute. And after we got our number, we were told to go home. Oh brother! It was very inconvenient, and I really thought that our government can actually do better than this. I

After getting my appointment, I was told that the processing will be moved to their new location at the Aseana Business Park at Diosdado Macapagal Avenue. When I headed there today, I was bracing for the worse because it has only been two days since they moved to this location. I was honestly bracing myself for the worse. But at around noon, I was pleasantly surprised to find the new building at Macapagal Avenue, shiny and polished, ready for the world! The building is right across McDonald's so you can easily spot it once you enter the road.

I presented my number to the guard, and I was told to enter Gate 2 - the gate where customers with appointments are supposed to begin their processing. I was greeted by the gush of cold wind from their new A/C systems and it was the relief that I needed from the burning heat outside. I also noticed that they have lots of information boards and people assisting to the customer's every need. The seats remind of the domestic NAIA airport, and I was thinking, not bad!


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