Thursday, February 25, 2010

Must Try Chicken Barbeque

Lately, I noticed that chicken barbeque has invaded the Metro. Every nook and corner now have famous brands like Mang Inasal, or Bacolod Chicken Barbeque. Even Jollibee has its very own version of this famous recipe. As competition mounts, consumers now have a lot of options as to where to eat chicken barbeque. We used to go to Aristocrat for their specialty chicken, but now our main road houses two of the more affordable brands.

I recently stumbled upon Ineng's Chicken Barbeque at SM North Edsa, and although it may not be as famous as the others, I am very satisfied with the taste. Their chicken recipe has just the right combination of sweetness and saltiness to it. They even offer bigger servings as compared to Chicken Bacolod.

Chicken Barbeque with rice - Php 99

Pork Barbeque- Php 125 for 5 pcs

Laing - Php 45

Ensaladang Talong - Php 65

Their restaurant is not that spacious at SM, but I don't really mind the limited space because it's one of those eating spots where you would willingly forego some comforts just so you can satisfy your craving for the ultimate chicken barbeque. I would definitely have Ineng's over Bacolod Chicken Inasal at any given time of day!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Tribute To My Shoe-A-Holic Mom


One of the things that one must not dare question is a woman's attraction towards shoes. Between a woman and her fancy shoes, there is an unspoken bond that can defy even logic. Tell that to a woman, and she would understand!

I grew up witnessing my mom’s fondness for shoes. Her shoe racks are never enough to contain all the shoes that she owned, and she had to always rearrange things so she can make room for some more. She has everyday shoes for work, and she also has plenty of others that are best suited for other types of activity.

For two-day conventions, I have gotten used to lugging her trolley bag, which is mostly filled up with a number of shoes that will match her carefully planned out outfits. This is in contrast to my reasonably-sized overnight bag that contained all the essential things that I’ll ever need for such a short stay.

But despite the number of pairs that she is so used to bringing, she’d still end up buying some more. For this, my mom is a hands down shoe-a-holic. Believe it or not, she is the only person I know who insists on wearing high heels to the beach! She rationalizes that all her shoes have the same heel height because it is the level where her spine is most comfortable. She said that wearing flats would only give her back pain.

One time, she was in a haste to do her morning rounds in the hospitals that she readily grabbed what were outside the boxes. On the third hospital that she went to, she began to notice that the nurses and some employees were disturbingly staring at her feet. She dismissed their glances and just went on with her normal routine.

On the way out, one security guard bravely approached her and said, “Doctor, you are wearing the wrong pair of shoes.” When she looked at her feet, she saw pumps with the same heels alright, but they were of different colors! Embarrassed, mom went home and laughingly relayed to us what had happened.

But regardless of the number of shoes my mom has acquired through the years, I refuse to use them as parameters of her success. Because in spite of her love for shoes, she’d readily give some pairs to somebody in need, or for some relief efforts in devastated communities. Her shoes are also instruments of her selflessness because it is with them that she is able to go to places and offer her services for free. This is my tribute to my shoe-a-holic and beautiful mom! I am so proud of you!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fairyland In The Eyes Of S

S has earned quite a reputation in my family for being so fascinated with books. They could never forget how a then two-year old S would ignore her new toys and go directly to a small pile of books on the other end of the room. So when she recently received another pop-up book as a gift, S was overjoyed. She loves it even more because she could let her imagination flow in Fairyland, which also happens to be her preferred setting in many of her self-made stories.

For a day or two, S always spent time with her new book. She was delighted to open the small doors on the pages because it always had a surprise in store for her. One of the doors led to a stairway where you could only see the leg of an elusive fairy trying to hide from the reader’s eye. For a moment, S thought hard and peeked on the sides of the staircase to check whether there was really an enchanting world hidden from the world she knew. She said:

S: Mommy, I see something more.

Me: What do you see S?

S: I see the fairy’s leg, and there’s more.

Me: So what else do you see then?

S: She has a vagina!

Me: (Trying hard not to laugh) Oh that! You see S, it’s part of a woman’s body that’s why!

I would have doubled in laughter had not darling Grandma reminded me that those things need to be addressed as they should. Without laughter, without jokes, as plain as it can be! Oh S just started the day right. I am also in fairyland!

Only Three Moos For Five Cows


Hubby and I arrived at Five Cows Trinoma at an hour past 12 in the afternoon to find that Five Cows is practically empty. I was surprised to find that the only patrons at that time was the family of Sen. Escudero. This was far from the jampacked place that I used to visit a couple of years back when I needed something sweet to make my day. The barn style interiors was still very much noticeable although a bit worn out now after years of being in the business.

Since we needed a late lunch, I ordered Vongole - with spaghetti, olive oil, pesto, clams, white wine and parmesan cheese as its main ingredients. Although they really have heaping servings, I wasn't too happy with my order. It was just too bland, and I honestly think that I can make better pesto. Paired with toasted bread, I think that the pasta and the bread tasted the same! I was distracted though as I was busy picking portions of my hubby's order.

My hubby really knows how to order in a restaurant and he ended up having a half-pounder cheeseburger supreme - comprised of pure beef burger, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and tomatoes. Priced at P285, it was not really cheap but it was really humongous. It was so huge and surprisingly juicy! I enjoyed this order so much more than mine, and I was pleasantly surprised that although I came to Five Cows for their ice cream cake, I enjoyed their sandwich way better than what they are known for. If by chance I visit them again, I will definitely skip on their ice cream cakes and just have this sandwich instead!

Five Cows Ice Cream Cake


I have been craving for ice cream cakes lately, and the nearest to my home is Five Cows, Trinoma. It's a restaurant that mainly boasts of their ice cream cakes. I must admit that when I first ate there a couple of years ago, I was quite impressed with their dessert selections. But only after a year of avoiding this sinful dessert, I felt that the quality of their food somewhat declined. Sad! Prices range from P165 per slice! I avoided their flaming Alaska since it has earned bad reviews on the net for being too hard -- being a desset at that!. However this kind was exceptionally hard as well. Hmmm....I really didn't know what went wrong. I wouldn't recommend it to family and friends anymore. So if you feel the need to indulge that sweet tooth, go grab a frozen yogurt instead! It's way more satisfying than this.