Thursday, February 11, 2010

Only Three Moos For Five Cows

Hubby and I arrived at Five Cows Trinoma at an hour past 12 in the afternoon to find that Five Cows is practically empty. I was surprised to find that the only patrons at that time was the family of Sen. Escudero. This was far from the jampacked place that I used to visit a couple of years back when I needed something sweet to make my day. The barn style interiors was still very much noticeable although a bit worn out now after years of being in the business.

Since we needed a late lunch, I ordered Vongole - with spaghetti, olive oil, pesto, clams, white wine and parmesan cheese as its main ingredients. Although they really have heaping servings, I wasn't too happy with my order. It was just too bland, and I honestly think that I can make better pesto. Paired with toasted bread, I think that the pasta and the bread tasted the same! I was distracted though as I was busy picking portions of my hubby's order.

My hubby really knows how to order in a restaurant and he ended up having a half-pounder cheeseburger supreme - comprised of pure beef burger, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and tomatoes. Priced at P285, it was not really cheap but it was really humongous. It was so huge and surprisingly juicy! I enjoyed this order so much more than mine, and I was pleasantly surprised that although I came to Five Cows for their ice cream cake, I enjoyed their sandwich way better than what they are known for. If by chance I visit them again, I will definitely skip on their ice cream cakes and just have this sandwich instead!


hungry cow said...

Those look delicious! I'm planning to visit that place in the near future because of your blog. Thanks a lot!

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