Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fairyland In The Eyes Of S

S has earned quite a reputation in my family for being so fascinated with books. They could never forget how a then two-year old S would ignore her new toys and go directly to a small pile of books on the other end of the room. So when she recently received another pop-up book as a gift, S was overjoyed. She loves it even more because she could let her imagination flow in Fairyland, which also happens to be her preferred setting in many of her self-made stories.

For a day or two, S always spent time with her new book. She was delighted to open the small doors on the pages because it always had a surprise in store for her. One of the doors led to a stairway where you could only see the leg of an elusive fairy trying to hide from the reader’s eye. For a moment, S thought hard and peeked on the sides of the staircase to check whether there was really an enchanting world hidden from the world she knew. She said:

S: Mommy, I see something more.

Me: What do you see S?

S: I see the fairy’s leg, and there’s more.

Me: So what else do you see then?

S: She has a vagina!

Me: (Trying hard not to laugh) Oh that! You see S, it’s part of a woman’s body that’s why!

I would have doubled in laughter had not darling Grandma reminded me that those things need to be addressed as they should. Without laughter, without jokes, as plain as it can be! Oh S just started the day right. I am also in fairyland!


HotMomma said...

ha!ha!ha!ha! from the mouth of babes...
You are lucky to have a book-loving little girl. am sure she will grow up to be a smart and well-adjusted person.

God bless you.

Izzy Bizzy said...

Thank you! I am reliving my childhood through her. God bless you too :)

Golden said...

LOL. S is really funny. My 17-month old daughter loves books too and loves pretending that she can read them.

Lots of love,

Izzy Bizzy said...

LOL! That's really great! I bet she'll be able to start reading early. Kids nowadays are very smart. =)

Anonymous said...

wow, you're lucky! as a book lover myself, I feel sorry for kids who don't experience great stories. nurture her love, I bet it will blossom to something beautiful!

Izzy Bizzy said...

Thanks Anne! I will definitely support her passion for books. Thanks for dropping by!

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