Thursday, February 25, 2010

Must Try Chicken Barbeque

Lately, I noticed that chicken barbeque has invaded the Metro. Every nook and corner now have famous brands like Mang Inasal, or Bacolod Chicken Barbeque. Even Jollibee has its very own version of this famous recipe. As competition mounts, consumers now have a lot of options as to where to eat chicken barbeque. We used to go to Aristocrat for their specialty chicken, but now our main road houses two of the more affordable brands.

I recently stumbled upon Ineng's Chicken Barbeque at SM North Edsa, and although it may not be as famous as the others, I am very satisfied with the taste. Their chicken recipe has just the right combination of sweetness and saltiness to it. They even offer bigger servings as compared to Chicken Bacolod.

Chicken Barbeque with rice - Php 99

Pork Barbeque- Php 125 for 5 pcs

Laing - Php 45

Ensaladang Talong - Php 65

Their restaurant is not that spacious at SM, but I don't really mind the limited space because it's one of those eating spots where you would willingly forego some comforts just so you can satisfy your craving for the ultimate chicken barbeque. I would definitely have Ineng's over Bacolod Chicken Inasal at any given time of day!


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