Thursday, February 11, 2010

Five Cows Ice Cream Cake

I have been craving for ice cream cakes lately, and the nearest to my home is Five Cows, Trinoma. It's a restaurant that mainly boasts of their ice cream cakes. I must admit that when I first ate there a couple of years ago, I was quite impressed with their dessert selections. But only after a year of avoiding this sinful dessert, I felt that the quality of their food somewhat declined. Sad! Prices range from P165 per slice! I avoided their flaming Alaska since it has earned bad reviews on the net for being too hard -- being a desset at that!. However this kind was exceptionally hard as well. Hmmm....I really didn't know what went wrong. I wouldn't recommend it to family and friends anymore. So if you feel the need to indulge that sweet tooth, go grab a frozen yogurt instead! It's way more satisfying than this.


hungry cow said...

Mmmmm....looks good!

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