Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Agony of Waiting

I could not remember when I last wrote on this blog. It seemed ages ago when I was too ecstatic to keep my posts coming. But with work and family demands, I felt too uninspired to even begin typing. Too many significant events have passed, and yet the creative gush that my brain needed seemed nonexistent.

But after weeks of trying to keep up with my daily schedule, I needed some sort of release. My brain wanted me to write, finally! I guess this is partly due to the fact that I am also stressing out on the outcome of our immigrant application. Our consultant has been telling us that we should expect the response any day now, and boy I am anxious!

But like many great steps, we must embrace the risks that come with change. Although it is not quite clear if we get a positive assessment from Canada, I am still thankful for opportunities like these. Planning to migrate is like pushing yourself to go out of your comfort zone, and I am really glad that we took the first step. I will leave the rest to the Almighty because I believe that He has big plans for everyone of us. For now, I can't do anything but wait......


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